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Skype and later i Message took hold, cementing the new “walled garden” approach for IM apps.Google, once a champion of XMPP, dropped support for it in its latest Hangouts chat app.

Federated communication standards like email or Jabber have a history of rare and sometimes contentious updates, so it’s hard to blame Whats App and others for creating their own standards.Layer, in a nutshell, lets any developer add messaging capabilities to their app with 10 lines of code.So, instead of spending months building out servers, encryption, push notifications, voice calls, video calls, offline messages, and syncing as most messaging startups like Message Me have done, Layer does all the dirty work.The company also recently hired George Patterson, the director of operations at Open DNS — a global infrastructure of servers that handles 50 billion queries per day with a history of 100 percent uptime.And then there’s Layer’s investments from the likes of Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo.

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Layers says it will only charge developers once they reach a certain number of users, like many web-services companies, but hasn’t yet set price tiers or a user threshold for its services.

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