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So I will not give you any advice, but if you don't mind, I will tell you what my 10 years as a middle school teacher and school counsellor taught me: I know that if a boy and girl want to spend time together, they will, parents permission or not, whether they go to the same school together or not, whether they live in the same city or not. I know that your child wants you to know what is going on with her. Offer to drive them to the movie (somebody has to if they are only 14, right? (Not near them.) When my son was younger most of his friends found this OK, as long as I didn't talk to them or act like I knew them. And then today I read your request, I guess it is what moms go through. I know that you are very blessed to have an open relationship with your child.

Why would you want to date someone that's soon going to be four years younger than you anyway? I know that when a child asks her/his parents for permission to "date" it is not only about going out with the girl/boy, they are also asking, "do you trust me? I will not give you advice as I do not know your family, your values, nor do I understand your relationship with your daughter. I know that the more parents try to keep their children young, the more their friends may pressure them to grow up. I know that you are in a position to open the communication for ALL her dating experiences.After talking to my parents and some of my friends and not wanting to believe them you have pushed me over the edge in a good way I do now relive that we have very little in common and I think she was mostly after the hole my boy friend is 18 thing and I'm sure that she was thinking mostly sex and I was too so I decided to end it since then I have found a new girl friend that is 16 and is a senior myself being an old junior I think that this is abut as close as I can get to my own age me and her have much more in common and spend much more time together already. Thanks again The OP stated he was 3 months from 18 and the girl 2 months from 15.

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