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Adults over the age of 18 can have access to the plants (in some cases 19).

The government has also stated that driving under the influence of the plant will be illegal.

//michael newman// Date: October 12, 2015 [edited from hard copy received with the album] I am sending my father, William James Rader's photo album detailing his tour in Kodiak during the Korean War in the US Navy.

Tuesday 19th June passed into the history books as the date that the Canadian senate passed a law to control the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis for recreational use by 52 votes in favour and 29 against.

This law is known as C-45 and has been studied and debated in detail for seven months.

Noted the pics of the airplane crash of January 10, 1963...

I was the photographer that went to take pics of that crash...

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Or what happens with people who are in prison for simple possession of cannabis once it becomes legal.

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