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Sherwood Dungeon and Maid are designed to get players into the game quickly with an absolute minimum number of mouse clicks. For Endrody, the combination of the viral distribution and ad-based revenue model is a winner.Once Sherwood Dungeon hit 4,000 simultaneous players, it was clear that Maid would be very successful on ad revenue alone."In fact, Maid has always allowed me to make a living with one foot in a fantasy world, thanks to Director and Shockwave Player," says Endrody.Shockwave Player, according to Endrody, is the most popular way of delivering games online, and for good reason.

The advertising revenue model is "quite viral," says Endrody.By nature, web games are limiting because of download sizewhich isn't necessarily a bad thing for an independent developer because it effectively levels the playing field between the big players and the ankle biters."Having an army of artists and vast cash reserves doesn't give a large developer much of an advantage when the game needs to be small enough to run within a web browser," says Endrody. There's no other product that can deliver hardware accelerated 3D multiplayer games to a large installed base of users on a web page," says Endrody.The potential for web-delivered boutique MMOs is huge, according to Endrody.For him, the vision of players clicking on one web link and instantly entering a fantasy world of knights and castles, where players from all over the world can hang out and slay dragons together, is what keeps him creating immersive game worlds.

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