8 simple rules for dating my teen age daughter dating tips dating younger man

or no one will be talking to you except the Chinese tour guide who expects a tip.

Now, it’s bad enough that they were wearing shorts… as in, "Why does that guy have marshmallows on his feet? and if you’re wearing shorts and black socks, you’d better be standing on your freaking mega-yacht… This bad boy goes to none other than Bedoops stage titled Going Bananas But Its Fresh Milk. by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire) If you’re a guy over 40, there’s a high statistical probability that you have no clue about what types of casual clothes you should be wearing... Rule 1: Real Men Don’t Live in Baseball Caps You think a baseball cap makes you look like a kid, but if you’re wearing a baseball cap, you might as well be wearing Mickey Mouse ears.I don’t care what you looked like in high school or college. Don't be like the guy in the middle (of the above picture) who's wearing a tee and a pair of jeans with a bright, shiny belt buckle in the worst of all possible places. When it’s warm out, you’ll have to suck it up and wear a cotton or linen shirt over your T-shirt like the guy on the right in the illustration. (If you don’t like it, move to a desert island or have your stomach stapled, but don’t annoy the rest of the world with your poor diet and bad genetics.) The best shirt to use as an overshirt is a button-down style with a flat hem (not a rounded, shirttail hem), as in the illustration on the right.Make sure the shirt is big enough and long enough to cover your basketball tummy.

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