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After research we have found out it is a memorial painting done by Kaziah Hancock. Belated, or perhaps not so since only heaven may know, love and respect to you!!! He was always a leader I could look to when things weren't going right or I needed an honest answer. if any one has any stories of him they'd like to share of him I'd love to hear them! So I'm sure it would warm your Hearts to know that Conner was A Brave and Intelligent Man! Gracias por todo lo que diste para que tubieran libertad muchas personas y vivieran en paz gracies gran amigo que dios te tenga en su groria te as ganado el cielo ...sargento tenorio fort campbell ky...c/batery 2/320 F a" "04/11/2014 Oscar my son it has been 10 years,,,,,,,,,,,,"Oscar my son! In your short life,you did things i could only dream of doing. you did more in your life,than most people do in two life will always be in our minds, and we are so proud! Otto Oscar Jimenez of seattle,[email protected]" "Aaron my dear son, Mom misses you deeply. Another day of missing you and Loving you so Deeply. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that place. Just when I thought I was strong and could look at your pictures without crying, my heart ached again from missing you.

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Hence, it is natural that Loki is the inventor of the fishnet, which consists of loops and knots, and that the word loki (lokke, lokki, loke, luki) is a term for makers of cobwebs: spiders and the like." Though not prominent in the oldest sources, this identity as a "tangler" may be the etymological meaning of Loki's name.

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You can try your luck and sign up for the Pure Beta for i Phone here and it’s coming to Google Play ‘soon.’ Hopefully you’ll do better than we did, but to do that, you may have to actually have the guts to go for it.

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Boyinaband - Comic Book Girl 19 - Ninja Audrey - Jacksepticeye - Jimmy Whetzel - Jirard The Completionist - Markiplier - Miles Luna - Nathan Barnatt - Octopimp - Pro Jared - Ray Narvaez Jr.