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They were the property of Jay Sloatman who was the guy that whipped most of Skynyrds ass in Louisville the year before when he was out with BOC working for Tychobrae Sound...

a guy I worked with on Hydra once left Knoxville TN with a semi loaded with a stage for an Elvis show in Charleston... there was a near riot when the show was canceled and he was fired... Since then I've seen BOC countless times; every time they come around my part of the country. I can't offer you much additional info on the show except the setlist was most of OYFOOYK.He had been going through old papers and clutter in his basement and showed me a hand-written setlist for BOC at the Cincinnati gardens on February 22, 1975. we used them to project BOC logos,(today people call them the Kronos, but nobody from the band ever calls them that) and copies of the Album Covers and pics of the band on the walls on the Shrine...They were the opener of a three band bill of BOC, REO Speedwagon and Rod Stewart and the Faces. the images were about 50x 50 and could be seen for miles...By the way, it was no longer the Fillmore & the new owner had opened it as "The New Fillmore East" but big Bill Graham sued him about the Fillmore East part and he had changed the name to "The NFE Theatre" which stood for "The Night Flite East Theater"...At this point I was appointed night watchman and got to stay there during the night to "protect" the gear...

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