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This unanimous acceptance shows the power of its text and its hold on generations.The sayings and deeds of the Prophet () to Mecca (Saudi Arabia), is done once in a lifetime, for those who can afford it without debt and who have the health to do it.The primary sources of Islamic Jurisprudence in Algeria, as in most Islamic countries, are the written right after the Prophet Mohammed’s death, and put together during the third Caliphate Othman (644-55).This collection is accepted by all the schools of Islam as the Holy Book, and has been transmitted as it is for fifteen centuries.I told him flat-out that I would never convert to Islam, I would never visit or even live in Algeria, and any children I have with anyone would not be raised in a religious home. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it, except for visiting Algeria to eventually meet his family. In the Mediterranean context, nomadic tribes had to move to cities during the colonization to find work.The woman became the man’s property to protect without the help of the family tribe. Deprived of tribal support, men fell back on artifices such as high walls and the veil.

In the Quran, it is imperative that there are four witnesses, and the proof should be unequivocal. If proven guilty then man or woman should be confined: “For those who are guilty of indecency from among your women call to witness against them four witnesses, then if they bear witness, confine them to the house.” There is no prescription for stoning (a Judaic custom) or killing.

And they would only want to talk politics and religion, instead of sports, music, entertainment. He said that people don’t question the intelligence of a school teacher, but they think very differently of a store clerk. We texted a lot this past Sunday and he confirmed that he’s not just dating to date.

He’s looking to get married and start a family, that only time will tell if we are right for each other, but that he sees us together in the future.

Although it is the man’s right to initiate what is called “verbal divorce”—if the man pronounces the word “” (divorced) three times, the woman is considered divorced religiously—it is not that easy to make the divorce valid.

In many countries, the divorce has to be pronounced by a judge, whose duty is to verify that the proper steps were taken to reach a final divorce.

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