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Andrew, maybe you have time to add your thoughts to this page.

Amarok uses an audio file's absolute path as an unique identifier.

Additionally, when we use the URL or directory value as a filter, we have to filter using the URL/directoy field ( containing the relative path ) and the device id field.

Special case: using filtering using LIKE on the URL/directory field.

Update: I have tested all the functions and none of them add the file to the collection.

Amarok currently does not support tracks on removable devices very well.

It may prove sensible to eventually remove the current URL field, given it would be generated from the device ID and relative path, and would thus be redudant.

This would be a large task (with little gain other than a slightly more logical DB schema) and would be best suited to doing after the new system is fully working.

Some ideas: "Plugins" is probably the first thing which comes to one's mind when reading that list.

Amaro K can replace a file's absolute path with a device id and a relative path just before storing the song in the database, and generate an absolute path which is valid at that time from the device id and relative path right after retrieving the information from the collection database.

This would make it quite transparent for the rest of the code.

Perhaps somebody would be interested in writing one.1.

Have a simple flat file placed in a know location.2.

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