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In recent years I have been noticing an increase in the number of younger Asian male-White female couples, as well as non-traditional interracial couples of all combinations.This will help balance the dating situation and move us towards that promised post-racial society.Not only are there fewer possible marriage prospects due to Asian women marrying outside the race, but trying to do likewise (date White females) is an uphill battle for Asian males. Once in a while, when meeting new people, I'll be surprised and taken aback by how friendly a lady is to me.Upon reflection, I realize what made the interaction surprising is that the lady is White.But more importantly, it’s nothing like any beer Washington drank.

The irony, of course, is that Budweiser is no longer an American company — Anheuser-Busch, the original brewery that first began selling Budweiser in 1876, has been a subsidiary of the international Belgian-Brazilian corporation AB In Bev for the last decade.

Small beer also was consumed by servants, slaves and children, and its flavor was dominated by molasses, which would have covered up any bad flavors from a fast fermentation.

The beer landscape in America didn’t experience a sea change until the mid-1800s, when political strife in a number of German states, plus diminishing opportunities for land ownership and economic growth, pushed waves of Germans to cross the Atlantic and resettle in American cities.

Unlike their British counterparts, Germans were drinking lagers — made with a different brewing method and yeast that created a fizzy, bready, golden beer.

Still, even this lager didn’t quite capture the attention of most American drinkers, who likely found it too bitter and intense, according to research from Maureen Ogle, author of .

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