Are matthew fox and evangeline lilly dating

) who HATE the Kate-Sawyer-Jack-(Juliet) love triangle/quadrangle might want to back out now, because in this video, Evangeline Lilly (Kate) talks about what it’s like to work with her co-stars Matthew Fox (Jack) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer).

There was this stupid rumor that Josh was angry with Matthew because Matthew was getting paid bonuses, meanwhile Josh wasn't receiving any and that the actors almost came to blows over this. The actors were, in fact, known to have gotten along very well together. Alan Dale quit watching in S3 as it got too bizarre for him.He apparently picked it back up in S6 but was still confused.Although, Dominic Monaghan has confirmed himself to be a big douche."I always got the sense that there was some tension or drama behind the scenes, especially involving Matthew Fox."Why? If you are relying on comments on the Internet, you need to realize that 95% of these rumors were made up by a group of rabid Skate and Sawyer fans.They have web sites dedicated to slandering Matthew Fox, his career, wife and family.

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Like most people, Matthew Fox had friends on the cast and there were others that he was not as close to. I'll never forget when Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) was accused of sexually harassing a member of the crew on the set of LOST.

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