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“Maybe it’s a way of making conversation,” I say, offering an alternate intention for the question that seems to most bother Armen. It seems Armenian men, or maybe men in general, have their own rules of etiquette.It would be wise to remember that topping the list of unacceptable questions, at least until they get to know a woman better, is asking about their profession or financial status. Though you are fully responsible for the content you post, comments that include profanity, personal attacks or other inappropriate material will not be permitted.Armenia is the most densely populated of all of the former Soviet republics.The mountainous country is located in Southwestern Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.It’s prefered that you date, marry and start a family with someone of the same nationality as you for the reason being that Armenians are small in population compared to countries such as India, China (no hate) etc.Keeping that in mind, Armenian parents/grandparents (pretty much your whole family) will want you to marry an Armenian to continue a strong line of Armenians which would help the Armenian population increase although it all comes down to if you love the person you’re with vice versa and you two are happy together.Asbarez reserves the right to block users who violate any of our posting standards and policies.Some of the most beautiful Armenian brides in the entire country are only a mouse click away.

And Armenian mothers will never be happy if you marry their son without living up to their high expectations.Our Armenian women are all stunning and they carry with them the cultural uniqueness and centuries of history that this country has on offer.While there are many places that have Armenian brides, Rose Brides has the best selection of the most beautiful, exotic women this country has ever produced.We’re not that upstanding either, but …,” Sarkis tapers off, implying that despite the men’s flaws it doesn’t reach the proportions they’ve observed in women. “Armenian girls, when they go out with us, have a higher expectation then when they go out with an American or a black guy,” says Sarkis. “They say Latino girls are wild but Armenian girls outdo them. Every girl with a black guy is Armenian.” He makes this statement as an extreme example of how far he feels Armenian women have strayed from the norms of our society. “Even with the older ones there is another type of problem,” begins Armen, “first they ask you what you do then if you have a house or what kind of car you drive. ’ I don’t think it’s important but for them it’s important.” Armen believes that women place too much value on the material things and tells the story of a wealthy acquaintance of his who he says, “women like and respect because he’s rich.” “But,” he qualifies, “all the guys know he’s not a good guy.” “Am I right? “Yes.” “When you see this kind of stuff you grow cold inside.” “Would you go out with a girl without a job or a home or a car? They attend parties and events and their close friends are Armenian.“Do you have a higher expectation from Armenian girls versus an American girl? This is not an important thing.” He thinks it’s rude to ask these types of personal financial questions when out on a date. ” I ask, curious to know if they applied the same standards to themselves. They are most bothered by the double standard by which they feel Armenian women employ.

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