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@Asia Argento Dopo una sbronza mi aspetto un mal di testa non uno stupro!

La #Cassazione: violentare una donna ubriaca non è un'aggravante.

I also use shampoo and conditioner of his and it's made such a huge difference in my life. The shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion are wonderful and smell lovely.

I'm still using the facial products results are to be determined however, so far I'm very pleased. All of our ingredients are on our packaging and on our website.

Come a #Pamplona è #Giustizia Patriarcale #Justicia Patriarcal…

Questa "pratica" descritta dal giornalista che scrive per "libero", ricorda neanche poi vagamente quella usata dagli stupratori che umiliando la vittima la costringono anche a guardare per far crescere in lei un senso di colpa maggiore. 2 hrs later I found out he took his life the previous night.

GLIMMED si impegna a sostenere la Fondazione Umberto Veronesi e la ricerca scientifica italiana d'eccellenza, sensibilizzando altresì le giovani donne sull'importanza della prevenzione contro il tumore al seno @glimmedshop @kikkins7 @stefaniasciortino @xfactoritalia May God bless and keep you always, may your wishes all come true, may you always do for others and let others do for you.

Enjoy a mega-rich cleansing experience in the bath or shower with this nourishing, lathering body cleanser.

The middle finger was for all the bastards like you Dear France, Congratulations on winning the #World Cup.Normally I would steer clear of something that has moisture in the name because I have very sensitive and moisturizing products make me break out.Since ive been using this almost a year now I hardly ever break out and my skin looks better than it has for a long time!Africans and Muslims delivered you a second World Cup, now deliver them justice.Migliaia di donne combattono ogni giorno contro il tumore al seno.

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