Astronomical dating of mahabharata war

The most prominent characteristics of the gods of both races was their power of regulating the order of nature and banishing evil.The Olympian religion of the Greeks and Vedic beliefs had a common background.

In all that concerned intellectual activity and even faith, modern civilization was considered to be an overgrown colony of Hellas.It is significant to note that although the Indians and Greeks (Yavanas) had come from the same Indo-European stock, they met as strangers in the sixth century B. Similarities in language, associated by similarities in religious beliefs, indicate that these two peoples must have either been in close contact at some early period or have had a common origin, even though neither had any recollection of those times.For example, the gods of heaven (Varuna - Ouranos; Dyaus - Zeus ) and the dawn (Ushas - Aurora) were common to the Greeks and Indians.Taxila was a great center of commerce and learning. Pythagorean and Platonic philosophy owe their origin to Indian thought and spirituality."Crowds of eager scholars flowed to it for instruction in the three Vedas and in the eighteen branches of knowledge." Tradition affirms that the great epic, the Mahabharata, was first recited in the city." (An Advance History of India, R. Alexander's raid, which was so significant to Western historians, seemed to have entirely escaped the attention of Sanskrit authors.

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