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The Index will be further improved b}- giving a list of subjects under the name of each artist or engraver. The record of prices in all three sale-rooms — Christie's, Sotheby's, and Puttick Oif«.

Art Prices Current can be said to have increased in value from year to year. The public interested in Art, together with the Press, have shown so far the warmest appreciation of Art Prices Current. if the amount of matter renders it necessary, a third volume will be provided without extra charge to Subscribers.

Frames of every description for Water Color Drawings. Write for Estimates, Private Galleries hung and kept in order by workmen used to handling Obiets D'Art of great value.

(1908-9) are still on sale at 1 0/6 net, 1 1 /- post free. has yet appeared, and it may be being more than a mere offshoot hoped that the publisher's inten- or supplement, is sure to be tion to continue it year by year useful and welcome to collectors." will be carried out." Globe. " Will be welcomed by " Must be of great interest most connoisseurs." and value to artists, collectors and dealers." Picture and Art Trade (Chicago).

Property of the late Leicester Hibbert, Esq., late of Misbourne House, Calverley Park Gardens, Tun- bridge Wells ...

Collection of the late John Dickinson, Esq., late of Park House, Sunderland 12 December 6, igog.

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