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Believers Should Become Intelligent, Well-Informed and Responsible Electors 35. Election of National Spiritual Assembly to be Held at Midpoint in the Convention 71.

National Teaching Conference and National Convention Should Not Be Held at the Same Time 72.

Board Members Should Not Resign Before a Tie-Breaking Vote is Cast 93. If All Members Present, Permanent Officers Should Be Elected Immediately 97.

Assembly or Committee Members May Excuse Themselves from Being Elected as Officers 98.

Hands of the Cause and Counsellors' Participation in Conventions 79.

Counsellors Ineligible for Membership on Administrative Bodies 80.

Desirable Auxiliary Board Members Be Left Free from Administrative Duties 78. Circumstances Under which an Assembly Should Not Be Immediately Dissolved 23. Inactivity Does Not Justify Removing Name from Voting List 57. National Spiritual Assembly Determines Timing in Respect to Unit Conventions 59. Re-Formation by Election or Joint Declaration--Refusal of a Believer to Participate Does Not Prevent Re-Forming Assembly 22. Should Guide Believers During Year in Proper Administrative Procedures 52. Delegates Assigned According to Numerical Strength 56. Believer Must Be "a Resident" to Participate in the Formation of a Spiritual Assembly--Unusual Cases as Exceptions 21. If Enrolled Believer Withdraws--Subsequently Elected to Spiritual Assembly 49. When Conditions Beyond Human Control Prevent Election of Assembly at Ridvan 51. Area of Assembly Jurisdiction Not to be Subdivided for Electoral Districts 55. Duty of Every Bahá'í to Take Part in Joint Declaration 20.

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Under Certain Conditions One or More Names May Be Invalidated 83. Definition of Minority and Majority at Discretion of the National Spiritual Assembly 85.

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