Bar scene dating

“Until you meet someone in person, you don’t know what kind of chemistry you have.So you’re killing two birds with one stone if you’re at the bar,” Baxter points out.

Ironically, bars offer the opportunity for instant connection in a way online dating doesn’t.“People can be somewhat vulnerable or more open to conversation.”Happy hour is not the only thing that makes a bar great for dating.It gets you in the meeting-people mindset more so than going to an event and hoping that something happens.“Go maybe once or a couple times a week — the bartender gets to see who the characters are, they may know who’s single, who the alcoholics are. They could even set you up.”Go where the fun is Look for bars with games like darts or pool tables for a low-stress way to chat up someone rather than staring into each other’s eyes and drinking your cocktails too fast.At more casual bars, “people tend to be a little bit more open and talkative to other people than the people they came with,” Baxter says.

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“The after-work bar scene is great because everybody wants to unwind.

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