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People will wonder, ‘What does this person look like below the neck?

’” Your best bet: Include a full-body shot among your secondary photos.

Men, meanwhile, should ensure the photo isn’t one of you shying away under a hat, huge sunglasses or a scarf which hides your face.

Imagine the shock when you turn up, expecting to meet a dashing prince charming, only to discover prince charming has aged ten years.

ow many of us really relish digging through snapshots of ourselves to find our best angle... Usually, that’s not too high on the average person’s to-do list, but when you’re online dating, a good photo is vital. “Lighting is a key factor for a good photo,” says photographer Mindy Stricke, owner of Single Shots ( a business devoted to taking portraits for online dating sites.

Witty profiles and shared interests aside, a person’s photo is usually what makes them stand out online. “Flattering light draws others to a profile photo, and they don’t even know why half the time.” Since natural light is much better than indoor lighting, get out of the house and into nature, suggests Elizabeth Horne, who teaches classes on taking portraits and owns her own studio, Elizabeth Horne Photography (

Here, professional photographers and an online-dating expert reveal tips for taking pictures that’ll get you the attention you deserve.

To get the most flattering shot, consider these pointers: Prevent the dreaded double chin by turning your head slightly to one side, and having your photographer shoot you from a little bit above you.Everyone loves a big, warm smile—in fact, Griffen says it’s the first thing people notice when browsing through profiles.“If people see someone not smiling, they jump to a conclusion that they’re negative or trying to hide something, like bad teeth,” he says.To avoid the “I am controlled by aliens” red-eye effect, focus your gaze on a specific spot behind the camera—it will prevent your irises from dilating and appearing red from the flash. So, take a cue from Hollywood’s red carpet events, and try this more flattering option: “In general, it’s best to stand at a 45 degree angle to the camera, with one foot pointing towards the camera and one pointing out at an angle,” says Stricke.“With your hips facing the side, then turn your torso a little more toward the camera.

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Choose a headshot that clearly shows your face smiling and in a flattering light (natural light is best), plus one full-length shot and another that shows you doing something you enjoy such as surfing or snowboarding.

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