Bob jones policy on interracial dating

IFBs also generally believe that the will of a child must be broken before it ever has a chance to develop: a fussing or crying baby is exerting its selfish will.That will needs to be eliminated, since wherever human will is God’s will cannot be. If, after putting him down, you remember he just woke up, do not reward his complaining by allowing him to get up.For the under one year old, a little, ten- to twelve-inch long, willowy branch (striped of any knots that might break the skin) about one-eighth inch diameter is sufficient. A one-foot ruler, or its equivalent in a paddle, is a sufficient alternative.

To get up is to be on the firing line and get switched back down.

BJU handled this traumatized girl in its typical fashion, which is so horrendous that few outside of the IFB would even believe it.

About a year ago I was asked to write a word of support and love for IFB survivors, which could then be share with such Facebook groups as Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Cult Survivors (and their Supporters) and Do Right Hyles-Anderson. They pretended to be something they weren’t: Pious, devout, right with God.

→ Men alone are suited to be the head of home and church.

→ For a woman to be pleasing to God she must always and in all things remain perfectly submissive, first to her father and then to her husband. → Homosexuals are evil perverts who despise God and should be kept away from society generally and children especially.

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