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Retirement means you are no longer beholden to a job to sustain your life. Ultimately, that means one can sit and stare out of the window for the next 50 years if they like, literally doing nothing. In mid-November of 2015, my retirement renaissance article got picked up by Business Insider.

Business Insider often does publish personal finance material, but they are far from an early retirement resource.

Flexibility happens to be a critical element of our postretirement lifestyle. When you’re retired, your options are virtually limitless.

Naughty housewives have all the fun and now I’m one of them!Doing nothing isn’t what early retirement is all about. Our talking videos only take about 30 minutes to edit, but hiking and exploration videos can take hours to edit with music. As you can tell, I’ve been busy, but not too busy where I’ve felt overwhelmed by the work I was doing. But still, there is a balance that needs to be maintained throughout early retirement.Here are the biggest myths of early retirement: To believe a statement like this, you must also believe that your job is the only source of purpose in your life. The idea is to keep that buttery sweet feeling of freedom and combine it with satisfying work that makes you feel productive, accomplished and useful.It’s a remarkable feeling of control, each and every day. What keeps me busy and full of purpose in early retirement? We sold both of our homes and travel the country for a living. Today, I manage the operational side of Rockstar Finance after ESI Money bought Rockstar Finance, and I couldn’t be happier.It didn’t take long before I forgot entirely that I didn’t have any major income coming in. My wife — the money master in the family — worked the budget so we are able to travel the country and have fun doing it without much thought about our financial picture. [ESI Money columns also appear on Market Watch.] You Tube channel.

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