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She spoke kindly of her chemistry with Cooper as well: “Bradley is a very dedicated and open professional.” Though, she refused to answer if they were dating at the time.It came out later that they were, though the relationship seemed fickle due to them constantly breaking up then making up.But, like most of Diaz’s relationships, this one seemed fleeting and both beautiful people moved on after the relationship fizzled.Good news is that since they hid their relationship so well, there was barely a ripple in the Hollywood gossip scene!But before she starred taking Hollywood by storm, she was already a huge success in France.In 2011, Laurent was making different sort of waves in Hollywood after she was linked to Cooper.

It was said that after Bradley’s career started taking off, Renee had to take a back seat to his leading man lifestyle.Their relationship lasted as long as it did thanks to privacy on both their parts.“I don’t talk about my boyfriend because it’s boring,” Suki once told Out of all the women linked to Cooper, talent agent, Isabella Brewster is the most allusive out of the bunch, despite dating for a year.” The Hollywood stud has been linked with almost everyone he’s starred with in feature films – some of whom he actually dated while others were just wishful thinking on the parts of those who are huge fans of his.The 43-year-old actor seems to have chemistry with literally almost every single woman he happens to share the screen with, so it’s only natural that the press asks questions.

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