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He still drank lot of alcohol, which eventually started adding pounds on his weight At present, Brent Smith is living a really healthy life. His relationship with his girlfriend and son is also going really well.He is extremely conscious about his fitness and diet. Thus, Teresa has a high chance of being his wife in future.Smith said that he felt like in a death spiral and he realized that he needed to be strong and healthy not only for himself but also for his family as well.Back then, he was a father of a four-year-old son, which was also one of his main motivation to lose weight.Along the way he discovered his philosophy that women are attracted by a man’s lifestyle.

Teresa took Smith to a trainer and this step eventually turned his life.

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Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up? (read more)Smith spotted alone A fan spotted Brent Smith walking alone, probably coming back from picking up his mail at the end of his several mile long driveway, on the afternoon of July 17, 2018. “Definitely yes,” says the fan, adding that “He was wearing a large sweater and looked really cute! A rep for Brent Smith was not immediately available for comment.

Brent is an American national, born on March 12, 1989.

His company “Brent Smith Lifestyle” focuses at coaching men how to improve their overall lifestyle with the focus of woman and dating.

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