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I am honored for having been given the opportunity of opening this great, great music festival (Satchidananda, in [Wiener, 1972]).Even prior to Woodstock, Satchidananda had sold out Carnegie Hall, being viewed as one of the class acts in the spiritual marketplace. Highest quality World War II hand-held range finder.This compact yet very accurate American instrument was made by the Schick Company of Stamford, Connecticut circa 1943.She left after a friend confided in her that Satchidananda had made sexual advances toward her last summer, Ms. After hours of sitting in traffic jams observing his spiritual master in the rearview mirror, Harry had decided that Sri Swami Satchidananda was not only far from serene, he was a bilious and unforgivingly cranky old man.

The taking of the monastic vows in which the title of Swami is conferred inherently includes a vow of celibacy.Then all children attending the ashram school were asked to sign a document pledging that they would not date, have sexual contact, listen to restricted music, or watch restricted television shows.With those restrictions in place, an ashram member was soon reported for listening to a Bruce Springsteen album.That serious promise, however, may not have stopped the Woodstock Swami from, as they say, rocking out, via Springsteens The Rising or otherwise: In 1991 numerous female followers stated that he had used his role as their spiritual mentor to exploit them sexually.After the allegations became public many devotees abandoned Satchidananda and hundreds of students left IYI schools, but the Swami never admitted to any wrongdoing.

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Word soon spread that Satchidananda had cured the kidney ailment of a disciple by blessing a glass of water.

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