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One of the enhancements was the introduction of cf_promises_validated.Eystein wrote a great extended change log on his blog covering the release including a section on cf_promises_validated which is where I first learned of the feature and how to use it.I recall reading the extended change log from 3.1.2 several times, as well as the example policy until I thought I had a good grasp on the flow.I hope you find this useful and I expect that this post will become less useful in the near future.The first thing that happens is for non policy hubs (line 3 starts the context class restriction, and line 5 begins the promiser).

Agents need to see that file be different from the cf_promises_validated file in /var/cfengine/inputs in order to trigger a full policy update. Things are usually pretty hard until they aren’t :).The server itself will be able to force "pushes" of this file, and thus execute the rules upon any of the managed clients, either individually or en masse. This means that the server's public key must be copied to the client, and the client's key must also be known to the server. The fine documentation will explain the process of generating the keys with the command , and copying/renaming the keys appropriately. and non policy hubs only update /var/cfengine/inputs from /var/cfengine/masterfiles on the policy hub if cf_promises_validated has changes.The hub must always perform this update if you recall how cf_promises_validated is created/updated.

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