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The two spoke for a while about the past they had shared together although they were interrupted by a young Russian woman cycling by.

After they had finished, Callen left to go get ready for the second undercover operation he would play a main role in.

He arrived with the two men, wondering if Callen was ready to come back with Callen insisting he was.

I’m cleaned up and we will try again later Now I’m trying to clean up and Isaac goes to check on the baby and linc and they’re coming up the stairs.. I didn’t think anything of it bc I’ll just put another one on him & chill out Mind you, i had just asked my friend to meet us at the park w her kids.

i decided we needed to get out of the house so i told the boys to get ready to go to the park.

In a subsequent crossover event involving NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0, Callen traveled to Hawaii with Sam after learning that Dracul Comescu, the senior surviving member and current head of the Comescu family and was now on the NCIS: Los Angeles's Most Wanted list, had been sighted there.

For much of the fourth season Callen is focused on building a case against Marcel Janvier, In the 100th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, titled "Reznikov, N." a man pretending to be his father (Michael Reinhardt) was kidnapped.

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Hetty Lange "rescued" him and took him under her wing. Upon turning eighteen, Callen enlisted in the United States Army although his history and what rank he held remain unknown.

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