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As He said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John ).Bottom line: before taking another step forward in this relationship, we'd advise you and your girlfriend to get some expert advice from an objective third party. Have a serious conversation about how you envision your life together and how you will deal with life's issues.Many times they don't give any real consideration to the long-range ramifications of that decision.

Do you think the religious differences between us pose a serious problem?This is why the apostle Paul advises Christians not to be "unequally yoked with non-believers" (2 Corinthians ).Life's decisions are tough enough when two people share the same belief system.But in a situation like yours it's still important to think things through on a deeper level. Because in the final analysis the challenge you're facing is bigger than a mere difference of "religious opinion." It's not just a question of your willingness to "tolerate" someone else's beliefs. And when worldviews collide, the results can be devastating for a marital relationship. They have to do this on an almost daily basis, and in response to a wide variety of practical problems. As an atheist, you assume that there is no higher authority. As far as you're concerned, it's just a question of "what works." But your Christian girlfriend has a very different perspective.When two people are operating on the basis of two different worldviews, they can't help but approach those problems and decisions from two very different angles. She lives her life in the light of a standard of moral and spiritual values. Ultimately, her goal isn't simply to please you or gratify herself. If you take the view that her intentions are nothing but superstitious nonsense, we can almost guarantee that you'll eventually reach an impasse.

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Ultamitely this led me to becoming an Atheist, initially quite strident (a la Dawkins et al.), before settling into a more liberal .

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