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Internet users have entered the phrase, “high-functioning depression,” as early as 2004, according to data from Google Trends.

The date of its first in-person use is unknown, but both clients and mental health professionals likely mentioned the label well before 2004.

Getting to the office on time is no problem, and she is one of the most productive employees at her company.

There’s one problem, though: she is miserable, unable to derive happiness from much of anything.

The opposite parameter is high-functioning depression, a form of the illness that is not intense enough to noticeably affect the ability to perform daily responsibilities such as work and home duties.

Nonetheless, high-functioning depression can carry some of the same symptoms as any other form of the disorder, including: People with high-functioning depression are sometimes adept at hiding these symptoms, said Talkspace therapist Samantha White.

“In my opinion as a psychotherapist, high-functioning depression is a pop psychology term for what’s clinically known as dysthymia,” Annie Wright wrote in an article on The Mighty.

” With such a vague outcome in mind, it can be difficult for counselors and clients to set specific, actionable goals.

People with dysthymia are less likely to seek treatment.

They sometimes do not realize their symptoms are from a mental illness.

Others understand the situation but do not want help or think their disorder does not warrant concern.

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