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Student loan selector Find a private student loan that meets your needs.Consolidate or refinance your student loans See how student loan consolidation or refinance affects your monthly payment.I haven't been looking at my statements (my fault), and until recently have been paying extra every month thinking it was going towards principal. Also, many of my monthly regular payments went to interest only.I have contacted Wells Fargo, and they gave me the run around that this is their business practice and there's nothing I can do. We have had horrible experiences with this company.I will also be recommending to USAA that they stop sending military members and their families to Wells Fargo for student loans.I applied for a student loan, and when I signed the application, apparently I was agreeing to the loan.

Their service is terrible- you get tossed around over the phone from department to department every single time you call- what's worse is you get put on hold for an extremely long period of time- and then you have to re-explain your entire situation every single time. Even after almost a decade of making payments- I have been denied a request to even skip one payment in the past. I will be refinancing through another company and will NEVER recommend Wells Fargo to anyone for any banking purposes especially student loans.I was told that while my phone number was listed on my account, they didn't have permission to contact me directly.Someone from the executive office later provided me with a different version stating that Wells Fargo wasn't obligated to contact me.I feel like this is an unethical business practice and should be stopped. The customer service is horrible, they are not helpful in any way with issues concerning repayment options. There is no flexibility with arranging payment arrangements if you need to. They also turned us into collections for past due balances which were not even due because the loan was on deferment at the time.It affected mine and my parents' credit score because they reported it to the credit agencies as late payments and there wasnt any payments owed!

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I decided to go with a different bank, but they sent the money to my university anyway, and I didn't find out until a year later.

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