Couchsurfing and dating

Drew and I have been dating for almost 5 years now: It all started in college when we were chosen out of over 400 students to work together as brand ambassadors for Jan Sport (everyone’s favorite childhood backpack).

In our interview they asked us what kind of jellybean we would be – I said popcorn, he said pina colada – we were sold!

Particularly in the larger cities you'll find plenty of opportunities for couchsurfing.

Many hosts speak English and they're often eager and willing to show you around.

Our friends at Calypso Cruises picked us up in the (thankfully) air conditioned van for our hour long ride to Puntarenas (from Jaco).

As I got distracted by the dancing crabs in the sand, Drew retrieved the ring from his sunglasses case and got ready to make me the happiest girl alive.If you plan ahead you can experience it all for far less money than you would expect.Both transportation and hotels in the area can be expensive.“Oh, this must be something for our blog,” I thought to myself.Then, as he came to stand next to me I could sense something was different.

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