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Fast-forwarding in time, the medieval old towns of Réthymno and Haniá are redolent of the Venetian and Ottoman tenures on Crete.

Dress code is casual, but shorts on men except near the beach is infra dig.Eating out, get an assortment of mezédes (appetizers) to share, rather than expensive mains for each diner.Bulk (hýma) wine (by the quarter-, half- or full kilo) is cheaper than bottled and usually drinkable.Traffic fines are draconian- eg, €350 for not wearing a seat belt, €700 for jumping a red light - though reduced by half if you pay within 10 days (something almost guaranteed as traffic police are likely to hold foreign driving licenses to ransom at the nearest station).Be aware of parking regulations – fines are stiff – and don’t leave anything valuable visible in hire cars, especially near the Iráklio Archaeological Museum.

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