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program, there is also misinformation that can result in physical and emotional harm to both trainer and dog.

What has worked best for me is to do my own research and get all the information possible through the web, the neighborhood SPCA, and local training centers.

Cesar Millan is so charismatic and popular, that unfortunately, many follow his techniques without first exploring alternative methods and without fully understanding all the risks involved.

Some dog breeders, vet technicians, and dog trainers use and teach others to use alpha rolls for a wide variety of situations, and even on puppies!

Our Movie Fanart section is a new section that was added when the new site went live, it has some of the favourite custom art types such as Clear LOGOs and cd ART and allows skinners to create a consistent look.

Every image goes through a moderation process to ensure quality.Cesar Millan has an amazing, natural sense for dogs, and is able to execute the proper techniques, with perfect timing, at the proper force, and for the right reasons. Therefore, Millan has a great responsibility to all of his viewers, to make clear the risks involved from using his techniques (especially the leash jerk and the alpha roll).He should be extremely explicit on when to and when not to apply his methods.Cesar Millan's techniques are NOT humane because he uses aversive methods such as alpha rolls and leash jerks.Whether something is humane or not, is often subjective and dependent on the cultural and social values of the time.

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I still watch , and other dog training shows on television, but mostly because they are entertaining.

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