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These individuals may be at greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases.A published paper in JAMA highlighted this concern noting that online seekers were more likely to have had a previous STD than offline clients.

Marriage counselors are now recognizing the importance of including issues of cybersex during marriage counseling.

That's where the problem really is, not in cybersex itself, but in the addictive process that sometimes occurs as a result.

Only you know if you are doing it compulsively or if its just a healthy release.

I agree with Darren that cybersex is just another way to have a pleasant sexual experience if you are single. Lamm is really trying to say is that sometimes the solution to loneliness can become a real problem.

Like anything that enhances your mood cycbersex can become addictive.

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It's just masturbation with fantasy enhancement from another person (and all men fantasize while they're masturbating anyway).

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