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And there was no segue, but it was like we were spies in a spy movie talking to each other, and she said, ‘I want you to know that I vote, and not just in presidential elections.’ ” Why does she think that happens with specifically African-American women? But according to many analysts, she was just being smart. “Four men in a room,” Nixon said, as an image of Stewart-Cousins materialized above the sectional.

And Nixon brings advantages of her own: her familiarity (especially in New York City), her celebrity charisma and humor, and, more generally, the promise of a mom swooping in to make things right.

Perhaps needless to say, Andrew Cuomo has never been invited to sit on Williams’s pink velour sectional and talk about which celebrities are cheating and which ones have The Secret.

Nor has the governor been asked to place his sturdy loafers in front of the “Shoe Cam,” on which Nixon, arriving for her first television interview, gamely danced in her white snakeskin slingbacks.

” says Christina Greer, a political scientist at Fordham.

“His whole point was, ‘If I’m not in this race, then John Kerry will start to mimic George Bush and move to the right.’ He served a really important role in the discourse.

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Cynthia Nixon began as a figure who could do that.” But in the three weeks Nixon has been on the campaign trail, she’s evolved into a different kind of figure, a liberal fairy godmother radiating the warmth and empathy missing from the current political landscape, not to mention from the standoffish personality of her opponent.

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