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I realize I've been pushing him away, as I was dealing with the anxiety, and it's been rough on him also.He's been hurt in the past and I believe he was scared of getting hurt again.Do I bring up my concerns and talk to him, or should I just try to ignore it and not overthink it? This thing is driving me crazy, but if I ignore it, won’t it just go away? We all want things to be easy, for relationships to come naturally, for our partners to just read our minds.It’s often stressful and uncomfortable and revealing to air out the things that really bother us. I don’t think this is a big deal, and I don’t think this has to be a big fight or confrontation.I told him I know I have picked a lot of fights; however, texting other girls was not something I would be OK with.We've been great since, but dealing with newly diagnosed anxiety causes me to worry a lot.

When you’re dating someone new, it can be difficult to fathom when’s best to invite them home for bedroom activities. Sex is a really important part of a relationship to me, so why waste my time on someone I am not sexually compatible with? My most recent ex and I had sex after 2-3 weeks of seeing each other every couple days. It means so much to a relationship (with me at least). Sex is great, it’s needed, it’s important but it’s still not everything. If it’s a relationship, I’m willing to follow the natural course and feel things out.” - legend2l 10. I waited four with my BF and would’ve been perfectly happy waiting longer.” - Tiny Cynner 12. I’m married now but my wife and I had sex the first time after only a few dates. My GF is a virgin and made the decision to wait until marriage.

If I’m investing into something that is more intimate than ‘just’ sex, I can’t really put a time on it. If it’s just a casual relationship and we’re not both having orgasms within a week... If we’re not on the same page, I have a busy life and don’t have time to spend with someone that’s not compatible.” - ra__account 3. I’ll have sex with someone before getting in a relationship with them. If it’s going well, we’re connecting, having a good time, never bored together, enjoying each other’s company and I can see a decent relationship in the future then I’m willing to wait a while (weeks to months). I would like to have a sex talk before that though, just to make sure we both know what we like, or what to expect leading up to sex.” - ARed Eye Jedi 11. Probably about a year, then we’d have to talk about it so I could figure out why. I’m not up for sex for at least the first three months anyway. After a month, I might start to wonder what was up and broach the topic.” - sangetencre 17. I’ve been waiting over a year and a half in my current relationship.

I’m very comfortable with sex and want the same in my partners. It depends completely on how I feel with the woman. (I’m not a casual sex person, but connections can take different lengths of time with different people, so I’m also fine jumping to it more quickly if it feels right).

Let’s be clear: Nobody’s problems are ever “truly” in the past — if, by “truly,” you mean completely. Whether it’s this relationship issue or your own anxiety, these aren’t issues that can simply be dealt with and dismissed, trashed and put behind you. “It’s not even past.” It’s natural for issues to linger.

It’s natural to for you to continue to be a bit suspicious or insecure after seeing evidence that your boyfriend was flirting with other women, even if you trust him. I guess what I’m saying is: Don’t blame your anxiety here.

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We have a great relationship and I do not really have any worries when it comes to us being together for the long haul — except he has a friend who he was very close with in high school and he still talks to her now.

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