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They huddle together, and as Dipper explains the plan, the group goes through the actions. First, Stan would break into the door by using his lock picking skills (in actuality just taking a rock and breaking the lock). Stan returns to the waiting group outside the theater complaining that, at 12 dollars, Pony Heist had better be the best movie ever. Gideon Rises Candy Monster | Stan's Tattoo | Mailbox | Lefty | Tooth | The Hide-Behind | Mabel's Guide to Dating | Mabel's Guide to Stickers | Mabel's Guide to Fashion | Mabel's Guide to Color | Mabel's Guide to Art | Fixin' It with Soos: Golf Cart | Fixin' It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock | TV Shorts 1 | TV Shorts 2 | Mabel's Scrapbook: Heist Movie | Mabel's Scrapbook: Petting Zoo 21. Mabel excitedly tells them she wrote a list of jokes to tell during the movie and proceeds to tell one, to everyone's deadpan reaction. The rest cheer and as the movie begins, they have settled down on the couch. Dipper then notices Thompson on security feed and points it out to the group, as Thompson chugs down a bottle of popcorn butter.

Dipper gets up and tells them he's got a plan to break in. Eventually her messages slowed, but the excuses increased: she was just too “busy” to meet you again.Or ladies, maybe a great guy approached you at a club.While Thompson rushes to quickly fix the change, Mabel sneaks in and coats herself entirely in syrup. Thompson returns, suspicious, when he notices tiny hand prints on the inside of the slushie machine and opens it up, but it is empty.

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