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Conditions onboard began to improve -not to a standard that could even remotely be called comfortable today, but improved, all the same.By 1855 iron steamships of over 1500 tons were becoming increasingly common, and competition was growing.While many chose to settle in Canada, substantially more managed to find the physical and financial resources to reach America.

The vast majority of those that had arrived previously had been Protestants or Presbyterians and had quickly assimilated, not least because English was their first language, and most (but certainly not all) had skills and perhaps some small savings on which to start to build a new life.

A job – a wage – was what they were seeking, and they didn't really care too much about the detail.

Being unskilled, uneducated and typically illiterate, they accepted the most menial jobs that other immigrant groups did not want.

They route of the individual's journey to America, and even the name of the ship, were often stated.

Many of the ads refer to women, for whom determining the exact place of origin can often be more difficult because they didn't apply for naturalisation (this status was passed to them by their husband).

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