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This is almost like a verbal match between two parties where they literally show off the success and notoriety of their respective families.It is a speech battle where they use fancy and mostly fun sayings, words and figures of speeches.She loves to move, now that she can move, but she has little steering capability and absolutely no awareness of objects or people in her way.She would down the back aisle of the church, hitting the pillars, sides of the walls, or people’s feet if I wasn’t fast enough.The logistics and division of expenses for the wedding are also discussed.The amount of the dowry or gift, also called , is determined.Immediate thoughts included just keeping her alive, getting her through surgeries, and learning as much about what we were going to go through with her as possible from the medical side of things. Now that she’s 4 years old, although there are (and always still will be) medical emergencies, surgeries and all the things we thought about the last half of her pregnancy when we tried to imagine our life with her, there is a slightly new perspective I’m gaining. Her brain condition she was born with really leaves parents with a “toss up” situation.Kids have a wide spectrum of outcomes, and often times things that happen along the way as they are growing also impact those outcomes.

When her four older sisters were toddlers or younger, of course they went through the things we typically go through with those ages.

The squirming, the restlessness, the wanting to move, the tantrums, the frustrations, the noise making…and the list goes on.

We do our best to help them through Mass each week and help them learn.

The latter is meant for the bride-to-be’s parents from the groom’s side before they go their own way.

This symbolizes a consolation to the bride’s parents who would be parting with their beloved daughter. The most significant Madagascar traditional wedding gift and ritual is the slaughter of a lamb along with a number of live zebus (a humped cattle).

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However, in remote villages, kids can get married as soon as they are physically able to procreate.

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