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Co., which became the oldest and largest cutlery establishment in the United States, having had its origin with John Russell, at Greenfield, about 1834, in the “Green River Works.” Built on the banks of the Green River, it later became the site of the tap and die pioneering company of Wiley & Russell Co., and eventually Greenfield Tap & Die Company, after 1912.

Altogether the buildings furnish employment for about six hundred workmen, but they could accommodate twice that number.

The Sheffield master cutlers could not then follow, because this innovation was one which the trade unions of Sheffield forbid in their labor contracts, and the Americans thereafter had things their own way, and illustrated anew the superiority of American genius in an unrestricted market.

To understand fully the importance of the American inventions, take the example of the process called “swaging, or “was turning the “bolster ” — that part of the knife upon which the handle is fastened.

Skillful artisans were tempted out of England and goods rivaling the best quality of Sheffield work were soon in the market stamped with the bold legend, “American Cutlery.” Buyers were, however, skeptical and rather repelled by the name which confessed domestic origin, inexperience, costly labor and imported materials.

This early claim of “Made in America” made business very difficult, but its creators were proud of their work and were determined to make good their name by improving manufacturing methods and quality.

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