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"If you can think about it as, 'I wouldn't want my best friend to date someone who did A, B, C, D and that's what my ex did' then you've got your answer right there," says Spira.6. It makes things doubly tough when your ex can't let go either.Even if they're just checking in or asking if you're OK, it can interfere with your ability to get over the breakup.There's nothing wrong with entertaining your morbid curiosity about what your ex is up to occasionally.

Don't stop running or watching a certain TV show out of bitterness.You can't stop dwelling on the good parts of the relationship."It's such a common thing to think, 'Oh, it was so wonderful to fall asleep in his arms every night.Find a friend to obsess over found that figuring out who you are after a breakup is one of the most important steps in moving on.If you're still seeing things in terms of "me and Brad" and not "me," that's something you need to change.

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