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While we're short on complaints about the SE's battery performance, it can only get better, right?

We'd like to see Apple pushing some boundaries with its next phone with numbers that take it even higher.

To start with, 11 variants of an Apple device recently did cross the Eurasian Economic Commission database.

Apple's Eurasian filings have outed important products before, including the Air Pods, and it usually foreshadows new gadgets one to two months ahead of time.

at this point there hasn't been a firm commitment to launch the device" Ackerman said.

However, launching the i Phone SE 2 so early would see it on shelves when the new i Phone range - including the i Phone 9 - is announced in September.

We also have the image below, which shows a design a lot like the original i Phone SE and with the headphone port intact, and seems far more believable.

We're expecting something that at least takes in some of the power of the i Phone X - and perhaps even the same 'all-screen' front - and makes it around the half the price, which would surely be a huge draw for anyone looking to get the latest 'i Phone look' for less.Some of them are pleas to Apple to not remove key specs, while others dare the company to try something new.First things first: the i Phone SE has a headphone jack and we'd very much like it if Apple kept things in place for the i Phone SE 2.The rear of the phone will pack the same dual cameras as the i Phone X, with a video of a purportedly leaked of the new i Phone SE 2: BGR was also sent some sketches of the phone in this configuration from a 'reliable source', so it's got some grains of truth in there, with the notch at the top, no home button and no headphone port (the latter a regular rumor).which also shows off a notch at the top for a smaller phone - all these rumors swirling together seem to hint that Apple is at least looking at bringing a smaller i Phone with the large display to market.The notch is smaller too, which means Apple wouldn't be bringing the same large True Depth camera to the mix: There's something sketchy here though.

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Tech Radar's take: In terms of pricing, the i Phone SE 2 will likely remain Apple's most affordable i Phone - if it ever shows up.

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