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Introduction LDS member beliefs Anachronisms Knowledge of the Wheel?Archaeology Scientific community Non-LDS archaeologists Nahom Linguistics Hill Cumorah DNA Population problems Impossible events King James Bible Nature of God Most correct book?So if there were over one hundred thousand young children in Nineveh, then there must have been over one million souls in that city-state. We can pray that God sends revival to us and then pray for those around us and that God will bring revival to our church, to our city, to our state, to our nation and to the world so that millions might be saved. He doesn’t take pleasure in or desire that any perish. Then pray for God to revive you so that others might be saved and bring glory to God because bringing glory to God is what it’s all about.

The Book of Mormon may have undergone some minor changes but these consist primarily of spelling or grammatical alterations and don't affect the overall meaning of the text.

You can help bring revival to America but it must start with you and with me but we cannot have revival until revival has us. If you are not born again then you are dead in your sins.

The greatest revival in human history began with one man.

Jonah, the reluctant prophet brought salvation to Nineveh.

Nineveh was the arch-enemy of Israel and Jonah hated the idea of having them be saved but God told Jonah (Jonah )? They are those who are under the age of accountability and are very young children, babies, infants and toddlers. We can fall on our face and repent of our spiritual laziness which I have had to do.

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