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The fourth set is from the book "Body Composition and Physical Appearance: Applications for the Military Services, (1992)" which compares the size and body composition of 30 to 39 year old males and females in Michigan.Finally, some interesting percentile graphs from Only table set 1 is considered for the findings because of the larger sample and the far more comprehensive data.The second set is derived from a 1997 study for the US Defense Logistics Agency, a group of 127 U. Army recruits (60 males and 67 females) were measured for some two dozen dimensions relevant to military dress clothing.For interest, standard garment sizes are listed in a table 3.

This not necessarily bad as the western idea of feminine beauty is for tall and leggy women.

One of 74 post-SRS women found that their average height was 70 inches with a sigma of ± 2 inches; this is rather tall even compared with men.

Indeed, while genetic women over 6 feet tall are rare (just 2% of the population), nearly 15% of transsexual women reach this height - handy if they have the age and looks to be a model (aka Even in the late starter, a combination of long-term hormone use and a willingness to resort to surgery can result an extremely feminine overall body shape - but note that the waist is still not "Barbie" .

As an example of how to read the tables, a 40 year old woman who is about 174cm tall (5ft 8 inches) is on the 95 percentile, i.e. The tables for men are not shown, but a 40 year old man at the 50 percentile (i.e. The average man is taller than more than 97% of women from the same ethnic group - a surprisingly high number until high heels are discounted.

The widespread assumption that women have relatively longer legs than men also seems to be based more on high heels and short skirts than a transsexual boy-to-girl has a significant effect on the physique.

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