Dating my husband while separated

We were both hesitant to get into something romantic right away given his situation, but after 3 weeks of hanging out 3-4 days a week just as friends (no touching, just hours and hours of fun and deep conversation) we kissed and became a couple.We have the same values, future plans/goals, hobbies, etc.We had real financial struggles: we couldn’t open a bank account in our name because of so many levies.

I have done a lot of dating and I cannot possibly think of a better match for me.

We got married the day after I turned 18 and were determined to beat the stats on young marriages that end up in divorce.

Throughout most of those 14 years, I struggled with many personal demons.

Voicing an intention to change doesn't make that change into a reality.

I spent hours trying to convince my wife to reconcile, but she had heard all the empty promises too many times before.

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