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Notice the block was cast on the 12th and built on the 16th.It is common for engines to be either cast and built on the same day or more than four months later.Titles or terms such as True SS, Numbers Matching, and Correct Original are frequently used as selling points for a 1970 Chevelle SS.This can be very misleading, as these terms are often used loosely—and even abused.There is nothing worse than hearing about a fellow car enthusiast purchasing a bogus car and becoming a victim of fraud.The purpose of this article is to identify some basic features of the 1970 Chevelle SS, which can help the average enthusiast detect fabricated features and lower the risk of making a bad purchase.The stamp 10A100454 indicates the following: 1=Chevrolet Motor Division; 0=1970; A= Atlanta, Georgia, assembly plant; 100454 is the last six digits of the vehicle’s VIN.This is the stamp that is used to signify “Numbers Matching” and is very important.

Examining the firewall of a 1970 Chevelle can be very helpful in determining the existence of certain original assembly-line provisions.This information can be compared with the floorpan as well to draw additional conclusions.The provisions for these options are generally located in the areas depicted in the Exhibit 1 photo above.The 10A100454 stamp is what is known as a VIN sequence number.This stamp was done at the final assembly plant and not at the engine plant.

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Notice the existence of RPO Z25 (SS396) on the tag pictured above.

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