Dating rules women over 50

Lisa works specifically with women over 50 and is here to share some things that might ease our minds about getting back into dating over 50. Lisa reminds us that dating at any age should be fun – but that dating over 50 can be the most fun of all!

This may be because women form strong emotional connections with the friends and family in their lives, whereas most men only form deep emotional connections with their significant other.

She helped me improve my profile so I have more suitable men responding, and now I can return to the template and insure that I am dating the kind of man I truly want. Wendy, California Maria met a wonderful man with a heart of gold Six months ago I couldn’t envision my soulmate & the truly peaceful, happy life I’ve found in myself today.

Lisa helped me understand my past & myself in ways that counselors don’t.

Dating after 50 means having the freedom to make choices that best suit you and your needs!

Many women make the incorrect assumption that all men want a younger woman. Men look at women – younger, older and everywhere in between.

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Something that Lisa says women may notice when dating is men who engage in “future talk.” This involves a man calling you “honey” or “babe” before they’ve even met you.

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