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Massachusetts [1] is a state in the New England region of the United States of America.

Buzzards Bay, on the south coast, is the other large bay.

Massachusetts is an excellent travel destination, noted for many of its historical sites as well as diverse regional flavors.

Boston's North Station is served by the Downeaster which goes to New Hampshire and Maine.

You, and only you, can make the decision to change or permanently end the abusive relationship you endure on a daily basis. Listed below are numerous domestic violence programs available across Massachusetts.

Though easily accessible by train, if traveling from Pennsylvania or further away, it is frequently cheaper and almost always faster to fly to Massachusetts than take the train (however, traveling on the Lake Shore Limited from Chicago and all points in between is often less than 0). Use Smar Traveler [4] to determine traffic conditions in the Metro Boston area.

Massachusetts has several large interstates that serve it, including: Other important non-interstate highways in Massachusetts include: U. Dial 511 on your cell phone to listen to up-to-date traffic conditions for all major highways.

More information on New England's regional airports can be found at Fly New England [2].

Boston's South Station is the northern terminus of the Northeast Corridor, the most heavily trafficked rail route in the country, and one of the few routes serviced by Amtrak [3] with a high frequency of service.

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The eastern Massachusetts Bay area of the state from Gloucester to Plymouth is very metropolitan, with Boston at its hub.

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