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While the rest of the world is enthusiastically adopting the all-in-one USB Type-C standard, Microsoft and Apple are stubbornly sticking with their proprietary connectors.That's why I no longer carry a Surface or an i Phone when I travel.Nordea always seeks to offer the best and the latest cut-off times possible in the market for its cross-border payment products to make our customers benefit from faster and efficient cross-border payments.As a consequence of a late cut-off for same-day-value payments in some currencies it is important to obtain information about the receiving bank's cut-off times in order to make sure that payments are credited value same day.The cut-off time is the latest time where Nordea accepts and effects payment orders to and from customers.The cut-off time can vary depending on the payment type and the currency involved.Regardless of the manufacturer name on the back of your Android device, you can install any one of the following apps and use your phone or tablet as your primary means to surf the web, manage email, and keep tabs on your agenda. The Cortana web service is tightly tied to Windows 10, which means you can get instant answers to some common questions and calculations without having to open a web browser.Here are 16 tricks that work directly in the Windows 10 search box.

A worldwide installed base of more than 700 million active users is impressive, but what will it take to convince Windows 7 users to switch? Employee collaboration is increasingly critical for business success, and Share Point is one of the tools that makes it possible.

(1) Please note that the cut-off time in Unitel EDI is and Corporate e Gateway has special cut-offs.

(2) For Netbank Personal and Netbank SME transfers received and approved before will automatically be executed as a Same day credit transfer until you can select execution speed yourself in Netbank.

Microsoft's Azure Data Lake is now generally available, but what does it do, and how does it work?

Here's a tour around the service's tooling and capabilities, to help you understand it and get productive with it, quickly.

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  1. I don't have a problem with a 14 year age difference , but 13! I try to understand his needs and wants, and tolerate to. You seem to be about the same age as I am (37) and I date a 29 year old..