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I only found out about fanfiction about eight years ago, but then all I did was read the odd story.

Five years ago was when I thought I'd try to write my own and to my surprise and my family's surprise, I came up with a lot of ideas.

I love all types of movies, from Harry Potter, to Star Wars, from X-men to Beetlejuice, from Clue to Braveheart, from Love actually to Alien, a wide range and types of movies.

I love all types of television shows, apart from reality shows, I never watch those.

I love Buffy and Angel, MASH, Smallville, X-files, 24, Bones, Vicar of Dibly, Heartbeat, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, Dr Who and Torchwood, Game of thrones , plus lots more.

I don't write anything but Harry Potter, even though I have started a couple of cross over stories, not sure if I'm going to finish it. I love the hits I get, but more reviews would be nice.

A lot of my stories involve sex of some type, not always descriptive, but I do have a few that's doesn't actually have anything to do with the sexual relationship between the characters, there more on a serious level.

Some of my stories stay mainly to how the books are, but I do have a few that are completely different from the books.

I only post stories that are finished, even if I put a chapter up at a time and it takes me a few days to get the whole story posted, they are finish, I do try and upload them straight away. Based on "Hatal Fart Attack" by Corwalch, "Royal Ward" follows the changes in Harry's life after he gains the personal attention of the Queen.

Right now I plan to take some time away from writing.

I have been writing stories for many years and it seems that right now I'm not having any type of inspiration so taking a break will hopefully get my creative juices flowing again. My name is Noeline, I've been married for thirty three years, I have two grown kids and three grandchildren, all of them love Harry Potter, even my six year old grandson, who loves the bad boys, Voldemort being his favourite.

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I always write about Harry, but others characters are in my stories.

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