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The company has also built on a piece of land purchased for that purpose, a number of cottages for the accommodation of it's operatives.

The quality of the surface water in this locality proving ruinous to steam boilers, an artisan well was sunk by the company in 1881 to a depth of 2,026 feet where a vein of comparatively pure soft water watch struck, flowing at the surface line two hundred galls per minute.

It is not too much to say that there is no large manufacturing corporation existing which has a better appointed and equipped factory for the production of their respective line of goods than this company has.

As the products of the company were so generally known as Elgin Watches, the stockholder at a special meeting held on May 12 1874, took the necessary legal steps to change and subsequently did change the name of the company from the National Watch Company to the Elgin National Watch Company, by which name it has since been and is now known.

View Movements » Elgin 0 size pocket watch models: The Atlas watch company model in 7 jewel, various models of "Elgin Watch co." in 7j,15j,19j, Francis Rubie. Stratton, then connected with the American Watch Company, of Waltham Massachusetts. Stratton was sent to Europe by the latter company soon afterward so the matter was dropped for the time being. Mr Raymond, Culver and Adams were appointed a committee on location and finally selected Elgin. During the month of November 1864, machinery and supplies for a machine shop were purchased in the East and shipped to Elgin where a temporary wooded structured, 35' x 60' three stories high was erected on the water power to served the purposes of the company until the factory should be ready for occupancy. The first building already described contained a floor area of about 23,000 ft.

Elgin 3/0 and Elgin 5/0 watch models: The Lady Elgin, the Lady Raymond, and the Elgin Watch co. The formation of the Elgin Watch Company: (National Watch Company) Elgin, Illinois 1864 -1964 The Elgin National Watch Company furnishes a striking example of American enterprise and business sagacity. The citizens there donating 35 acres of land to the company for the plant and homes for the foreman, and taking ,000 worth of stock of the company. Situated in a prairie country, far from the source of supplies, they found many obstacles to be overcome. Additional building additions have been made in 1873 - 8,000 ft, 1874 boiler house, an 1878 10,000 foot addition, and in 1881 two buildings were erected increasing the arena by 19,000 ft.

Consequently, it must be conceded that the great success of the Elgin Company is largely due to the careful management on their part, and especially to those holding the office of President, both past and present, under whose guiding hand, the business is to great extent, conducted; also the extreme care and judgement on the part of those men in charge the various mechanical departments.It cannot be said that the credit of conceiving and organizing this company is due to any one man or set of men, but rather to a combination of western push and business enterprise and Eastern horological skill, a union which had developed a watch manufacturing business which today stands second to none in existence. In the month of September following the first organization, Mr Wheeler accompanied by Mr. Before even iron castings could be procured of the proper quality, they found it necessary to build and equip a foundry of their own. of that year the entire buildings were completed and sufficient machinery finished and set up so that work was now begun on the parts. The first of them were put on the market April 1 1867, or about 2 years and 7 months from the date of the organization of the company. It was made after the original model and was the next grade below. The next addition to the line was four movements having slow trains and right angle escapements: the "H. The following year saw the last and by far the largest addition ever made in one year consisting of seven building and increasing the floor space by 72,000 feet.As early as 1863 the idea of starting a large watch company in the West was talked over by Mr. Adams, visited New England for the purpose of engaging a corps of practical men to start the machine shop. The workmen were all eager for results, however, and pushed the work forward without faltering. Currier, and expert watchmaker, was hired from Waltham in April of this year and assisted Mr. The first movement produced was an 18 size full plate, named "B. The following is a list of the movement immediately succeeding the Raymond: The "H. Outlying from these buildings is a full gas works, containing twenty four producers, supplying gas for eight pair of fifty hour power boilers and 24 dial enameling furnace fires.Do you have one of the watches that this great company made?Copyright Notice © 1999-2016 Terry Nelson All rights RESERVED.

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The production of movement has steadily increased from the start.

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