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Sammenlign priser på biludlejning: Søg og find de bedste priser på biludlejning, og spar både tid og penge.Free E-Books, Dating Tips and Advice: © Body Language and Attraction Copyright © © E-Books, Dating Tips and Advice: © Disclaimer Distribution of this EBook is encouraged. For example, when someone rubs their left hand on their right arm it can indicate many things – negative feelings, sore arm, or maybe they are just cold – it all depends on the other gestures they are using at the time.A true smile is an indicator that a person likes you, however there are many types of smile that we see from day to day – not all of them mean positive things.The Tight Lipped Smile A tight lipped smile is spotted frequently in every day life.

This doesn’t mean that guys have no hope of reading body language accurately; it just means that most men will have to Copyright © E-Books, Dating Tips and Advice: © consciously try to read a person’s body language, whereas most women will automatically do it subconsciously.

The average woman has over 14 areas of her brain dedicated to communication, whereas the average man will only have between 4 and 6.

Studies also indicate that women are much more perceptive than men – Hate to break it to you guys, but most of you just aren’t wired that way.

If you are trying to make a good impression on someone, build up a slight rapport first, and then gradually increase the amount of eye contact you give them. The Smile Smiles are often big indicators of whether or not someone likes you.

The key thing most people (men in particular) don’t realize is that there are different types of smile, and that each type of smile can mean a completely different thing.

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If someone uses this gesture on you, it is likely that they’d like you to perceive them as ‘cute’ and vulnerable, i.e. Copyright © E-Books, Dating Tips and Advice: © Eye Contact Making lots of eye contact is a way to show interest or respect.

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